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Research Center Collaborations

CREATE (National Center for Risk & Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events)
A major part of CREATE's mission is to develop the next generation of leaders in risk and economic analysis for homeland security. In addition to our research projects, CREATE is developing professional capacity in the field of homeland security. The ultimate goal of these programs is to augment the number of people qualified to practice within the government or private companies to improve homeland security.
CREATE's educational program focuses on workforce development through research assistantships, university courses, master's and certificate courses, professional short courses, internships, seminars and events.
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Funding Agency: Department of Homeland Security
USC Affiliation: Dr. Stephen Hora, Director & Principal Investigator

                           Gisele Ragusa, Co-Principal Investigator
Center for Energy Nanoscience (CEN)
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This National Center funded by the Department of Energy has as its goals to demonstrate new technologies based on emerging nanostructure and organic materials that will enable photovoltaic energy conversion to become a significant portion of the world’s electricity infrastructure and solid state light emitting devices to become the dominant lighting technology in the world. To accomplish this, collaboratively, USC, the University of Illinois, and the University of Virginia will develop materials and devices that will lead to photovoltaic efficiencies exceeding 50% in optimized cells, which can be manufactured on large scale and produce electricity at a cost competitive with current power plants. CORE will direct all education and outreach efforts for this national center.
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Funding Agency: US Department of Energy
Affiliation: P. Daniel Dapkus, Director & Principal Invetigator (University of Southern California)

                  Gisele Ragusa, Co-Principal Invetigator (University of Southern California)
                  Mark E. Thompson, Co-Principal Invetigator (University of Southern California)
                  Joe C. Campbell, Co-Principal Invetigator (University of Virginia)
                  James J. Coleman, Co-Principal Invetigator (University of Illinois-Urbana Champagne)
                  Stephen R. Forrest, Co-Principal Invetigator (University of Michigan)
Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems (BMES)
Engineering Resource Center (ERC)


The Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems Engineering Research Center (BMES ERC) brings physicians, biologists, and engineers together from USC and California Institute of Technology to develop microelectronic systems that interact with living human tissues. Through this initiative researchers hope to develop technologies that will assist those suffering from conditions such as blindness, loss of neuromuscular control and cognitive functioning, and paralysis. The BMES ERC has an active interest in improving engineering education through a variety of initiatives associated with the Center’s research. Projects include: a collaborative outreach program, pre-college outreach to students in local middle and high schools, and outreach to local public school science teachers to participate in a summer research project on campus that includes a curriculum design component. Dr. Ragusa is involved in both university education and outreach projects with the ERC.
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Funding Agency: National Science Foundation
USC Affiliation:
Mark Humayun, Principal Investigator
                           James D. Weiland, Co-Principal Investigator
Gisele Ragusa, Senior Personnel
                           Theodore Berger
                           Robert Chow
                           Joseph Cocozza
                           John Granacki
                           Norberto Grywacz
                           Armand R. Tanguay