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The mission of the STEM Education Research Group is to advance the careers and achievement of learners across the lifespan in STEM areas. Dr Ragusa and her team target academic, experiential and effective (human-related) mediators in their research on student learning in the STEM and the mediating factors to such learning and academic achievement in the K-12, community college, and universities educational contexts.Each area of research is interdisciplinary and linked to either K-12, community college, or university STEM learning (or combinations of these settings) and utilizes a combined social cognitive /guided developmental theoretical frame. The key areas of research are:

  • Problem–based Learning, Learner-centered Instruction, Mentorship, and Student Achievement in Engineering Education
  • Global Preparedness for Engineering Workforces
  • STEM Creativity and Innovation
  • K-12 STEM Teacher Development and Its Impact on Student Achievement
  • STEM Literacy in K-12 and Colleges/Universities
  • K-12 STEM Motivation and Engagement

Our Leadership

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Dr. Gisele Ragusa

Professor, Director, Chair, USC STEM Consortium,

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Veronica Marin

Student Services Advisor,

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Cathalina Juarez

Program Specialist,

Our Research Areas